• We offer private lessons (30 minutes)
  • We offer semi - private lessons (45 minutes)
  • We offer group lessons (1 hour +)
  • We offer the weekly IEA lesson for members of our teams (1 hour +)
  • We offer the occasional  'Over 21' lesson which is a non-traditional lesson where we work on fitness and team work

Private lessons with Nikola on your own horse are $50.00 per lesson and private lessons on a school horse are $55.00 per lesson. Semi private and group lessons with Nikola are $45.00 on your own horse per lesson and $50.00 per lesson on a lesson horse.

All lessons with Jennifer  are $50.00 per lesson...

All lessons with Michelle are $40.00 per lesson...

We offer lessons for all abilities, from the very beginner to the more advanced rider. 

Our instructors are happy to teach at any of our farms.

We offer gift certificates